Hello and thank you for visiting! I am an artist and art educator based out of the Boston area. I received my BFA in painting from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in 2003 and my Master of Science in Art Education from MassArt again, in 2011. I am currently an art educator with the Lexington Public Schools. 
My work reflects on personal histories, sense of place, and the power of memory. I believes strongly in the importance of fostering the creative mind and through teaching am dedicated to facilitating experiences that invite individuals to rediscover and nurture their inner makers. 


“One’s memory is not this perfect photographic film that holds an image without changing it. [It requires] accepting what appears as fact as provisional, as temporary, as a moment within the larger ambit of transformation…The job of the artist is to fight against entropy – to keep on taking these fragments and say, ‘What can they become?’ To take the fragments and construct something provisionally new. And that’s the link from memory, to fragments, to the activity of making.”

-William Kentridge